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Video Notes

This particular site module holds a point-by-point summary of all videos produced on any of my four channels should I deem it necessary to make note for those who do not wish to view the actual video.

Enjoy! Not much needs to be said, this is all to be had.

For those that donít know, CarnelProd666 is my main channel, which holds basically anything in a variety of genres. There are unboxings, computer videos, weather videos, cat videos, other random crap videos, rants, and much more.

Other channels do not show up since they do not have videos that should require notes. If a video shows up here from another channel it will be denoted as such.

General Update Video 01/21/13

Blowing Snow

The Bedroom Project Part 6

Compaq Presario A948CA

General Update Video 01/25/13

The Bedroom Project Part 7

Compaq Presario A900 Review

The 532h-2807 Saga Continues

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Video Notes is copyright © 2013 Brad Hunter.
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