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One-line Summary: Do NOT pay 8 bucks for this thing, much less 17. I didn't.

I only had one keyboard, and I needed it for something else. I found this in a dollar store of all places, being sold for, you guessed it, one dollar. Naturally I could not pass up such a bargain.

It works, I will give it that. But it might just as well be made of mashed potatoes.

First of all, the USB cable is one of those super teeny-tiny things that WILL break the first time I bend it the wrong way. Very encouraging.
I don't know if you can tell in the photograph, but the spacebar and enter key are a different shade of yellow than the rest of the keyboard, which while not the end of the world, is seriously irritating and a sign of the reduced quality.
Not a single one of the keys has the printing centered, which also wouldn't be a big deal if it was consistent. But no, all the printing is all over the place. In some spots it's in the upper right, in others the lower left. This is inexcusable even for a product that seemingly costs about 17 dollars new from Amazon. And oh yes, the escape key is pressed a little bit more into the keyboard.

Escape Key

Speaking of color, take a good look at this thing. This is supposed to help bad eyesight? Yeah, right, if anything I say it causes bad eyesight.
There is also the high possibility that it will cause carpal tunnel. It is basically made of mush, and is so flexible that I fear that I will break it with each key press.

How about durability? The photos below should speak for themselves:


Plastic cracking

Such a junky keyboard. I don't feel bad for one dollar, but I do feel sorry for the gullible folks who would probably pay 8-17 dollars for one. It is honestly not worth that much.

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