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Is it that hard to unify the browsing engine to the point that at least everything isn't ENTIRELY different? I don't think so, but oh I must be so, so wrong. Like seriously everything that works in Firefox or other standard browsers barely works in IE or doesn't even work at all.

There's a reason why I have (or had) a Launcher for IE and a Launcher for regular other browsers that actually know how to render things the standard way. If that didn't exist everything would be rendered at obscenely huge fonts even when it looks fine in everything else.

And IE is crash prone too. I lost count of the times I've had IE crash on me when I was loading a page, downloading a text file, running a program, closing a tab, opening a menu, hell I've even had it crash while it was doing nothing. I had left my seat for a couple of minutes if even, and I come back and boom, "iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close".

The sad thing is IE "cannot ever" be removed from Windows since it is hooked into the low-level APIs. Microsoft did this to force Netscape off the market, caused an uproar, got sued, and succeeded in squashing Netscape like a mosquito. And it's NEVER getting security updates. While Firefox, Chrome, Opera and even Safari are getting updates Microsoft is sitting there with their thumbs in their bums and their brains in park not doing anything about anything. Meanwhile all this malware bullcrap pops up, and boom we finally see a patch only after half the world is infected.

My suggestion?
Save yourself the hassle and download Firefox.

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