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In this day and age, practically everyone uses YouTube. Some people even want to have youtube videos play on their own websites and whatnot.

YouTube handily has an embed feature by which you can embed a mini Flash player onto your website. BUT, by default it will not autoplay.

Embed codes are perfectly capable of autoplaying. In fact, it is one of the few tags not listed by Coffeecup Free that actually works. Whether or not it is legal HTML code to do that or not, remains to be seen, but it does seem to work in at least Firefox.

YouTube doesn't even offer this functionality it seems though. There is no option for it.

So I recently created a page called "Windows XP's Final Countdown", and I wanted Europe's *famous* song playing in the background.

I have a perfectly good copy of Final Countdown. Problem is, it's a remix done in an Amiga-style sequencer which makes it sound...well, not very authentic.

So I went to go put the real thing on my site, and realized that youtube doesn't have a checkbox to enable autoplaying.

No big deal, I know the embed code works with autoplaying, so I just use the old embed code and copy it to my HTML, and add an "autostart=true", because it works.

Well it didn't work.

I tried adding a param tag with the stuff inputted to it. Still no dice.

Google has a page telling you that if you want it to autoplay, you have to add a parameter called "autostart" and set it to 1. Not sure how much more different that is than saying "true", but if that's what they want, then let's give them that.

Or not. It doesn't work!!!

I spent at least half of a whole freaking hour trying to get that crock of bollocks to work, and I actually even threw a drink across the room in joke:
Soda on the floor-Oops

What an utter disaster. Both the cream soda all over the floor and the embed code shenanigans.

(By the way, that huge brown stain came from a glass of old chocolate milk my brother placed in my room as a "prank" and I subsequently kicked over...most of it came up, but not all did)*

I eventually got it to work by creating my own embed code, but the fact of the matter is, I should NOT have to do that.

WHY is it so hard for YouTube or more specifically GOOGLE to implement an autoplay command? Especially considering the embed tag ALREADY HAS THAT FUNCTIONALITY**!!!!

*: This video describes the entire situation a few minutes after it happened:

**: While trying to type "functionality", I actually unvoluntarily typed a very well-known swear word with an -ing at the end of it...shows how frustrated I am?
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