Kodak DC280 Battery Disaster
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It is no secret that I do not own a modern camera (except for my JVC camcorder). It is also no secret that the camera I DO have, a Kodak DC280 from 2000, was recieved for free and revived.

Earlier today I was taking some photographs for another page that should be up soon. Midway through the saving process of the first photo, the camera suddenly and without warning shuts itself off.
I thought this was odd, and no amount of coaxing or pressing the various buttons on the thing got it to come back.

When I took a look at the battery compartment, I was greeted with horror:

Corroded battery compartment
Side of the worst battery
Top of the worst battery
Bottom of the worst battery
Other battery

What a mess. And the saddest part of it all?

Best if used by date

Those are relatively new batteries. In fact I think I had only put them in there three months ago. How sad.
Granted, the camera sat for a very long period of time before I used it again a week ago. Maybe that had something to do with it?
Three of the four appeared to have not leaked, just the one. It is possible that it was a defective battery. However I pitched all four of them.

Fortunately, some medium grit sandpaper and q-tip+water had that cleaned up in a few minutes.

In what is probably the most unfortunate thing of this whole ordeal is that the "new" Energizers that are best if used by 2016 that I found in my junk box so far are walking all over those Duracells, which were best if used by a whole seven years later!

Quick Public Service Announcement (or PSA if you desire): If you have a digital camera that uses AA batteries or any alkaline for that matter, CHECK the batteries regularly, and remove them if you suspect the unit will not see alot of use in the near future. Stuff like this is very possible, even with brand new batteries.

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