Coffeecup Free is NOT FREE! But you can fix that.
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Normally I do not condone using programs illegally. This, however, is not "illegal" per se since this is a free program, and NOT the free trial.

Users of Coffeecup Free HTML Editor will find themselves in a situation where they will run the program for 21 days, and then features begin to disappear. According to the devs, "this is the way it works in Freeville"
Coffeecup Expiration
Uh, no it's not. Free programs are FREE, FOREVER. While you may have a paid version and a free version, the correct way to do it is to simply not offer features to begin with. You DO NOT, however, get rid of features that are already in the free version, since that is not the way "Freeville" works.

In any event, I discovered a huge programming flaw in the program. Instead of having a date hard-coded into the install, it is checking the registry for the number of days passed!
Below are links to .reg files, as well as instructions as to what keys to delete.

WARNING: Modify the registry AT YOUR OWN RISK! Make BACKUP COPIES before changing ANYTHING!
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CoffeeCup Software\CoffeeCup HTML Editor.
Delete the key marked DockingPosition.
Reset the LastDay key to 0.

And you should be good! Alternatively, you can download my resetcoffee.reg file.
How long do you suppose it will be before they fix this? Probably not very long, but it's worked for a while now.

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