Huge bedroom floor clean-out
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To satisfy the ravaging YouTube audience, I decided to undertake the massive project that would be cleaning up the floor. There isn't a whole lot of garbage, just mostly various and sundry parts and projects that fell to the floor.

Stuff usually ends up exactly where I last had it. I make sure of this, otherwise I quite frequently cannot find the item, usually during a video.
It is fairly obvious that this can make a mess if you have items all over the place. While it doesn't look like it I do make sure that there are clear pathways everywhere in here, so that there are no trip hazards and if an escape is necessary it can be done quickly.
This is obviously not enough if I am going to make videos and not have people criticizing my organization every three seconds. So something needed to be done.

Click to see the before photos. Or, click to see the after photos.

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