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"Hello World" PHP basic output page*
UNIX Timestamp Generator
Javascript Count-up Page
Demo page of the PHP Date function
MathML Test Pagettt
Selector Versions Today**
Send Me Suggestions
Video Notes***
Cyberbullying Awarenesst
Computer Support Persontt
Proper Ergonomicstt

*: This was intended as a snide reply to someone who told me "you probably couldn't even make a program that could output hello world". I never did hear back from them (unfortunately).
**: Massively outdated as of Febrary 12, 2014. I will need to go back and fix this one up (plus make it time-specific as opposed as an as-it-is-today feel).
***: This project has been abandoned, since it would be way too time-consuming. But here it is, since I have linked to it on videos before.
t: This/These were part of a school project during the 2011 school year.
tt: This/These were part of a school project during the 2012 school year.
ttt: Needs to be updated with more examples. I will get around to it eventually.

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