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Solaris 11 Utilities
A whole load of bundled utilities and applications.

Solaris 11 Multiple Desktops
Multiple desktops in action. Windows can be dragged between workspaces, and windows can also be sent to other workspaces through the right-click menu for said window.

Solaris 11 Firefox
As typical with Linux, Solaris 11 bundles Firefox.

Solaris 11 XScreenSaver
The usual build of xscreensaver which unfortunately forces the user to download all these extra packages.

Solaris 11 Search
Nice to see that partial filename searches now are case insensitive. That is the way it should be.

Solaris 11 Shutdown
Shutting down Solaris 11.

Solaris 11 brings the look and feel of Linux to the workplace set-up by Solaris. Most of the little issues I noticed while looking at Solaris 10 were fixed. Great operating system, I would not hesitate to upgrade. One thing to worry about is that Solaris 11 is 64-bit only, however.

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