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Sun Solaris 10 is the last release of Sun Microsystems' operating system package. Solaris is a server and workstation OS designed to run on Sun-produced hardware, and primarily enjoys success as a server OS for high-scale, often mission-critical, server software.

Update 10, formally known as Solaris 10 8/11, does not add much new to Solaris other than a few extra pieces of Oracle fluff and some ZFS upgrades. It is the last update to Solaris 10.
CDE basically remained the same, and so I left that alone.

By comparison check out my Solaris 10 10/09 JDS screenshots.

Solaris 10 U10 Desktop
This is the default desktop.
The snazzy background that was included before by default has been changed in favor of a much simpler gradient. The color scheme of the Launch button has also changed.
The StarOffice icon has been removed and replaced with a "Solaris Registration" icon that links to a wizard not unlike Windows Activation (although unlike that crud it is not necessary).

Solaris 10 U10 File Management
The version of Nautilus used is the same, as are the icons.

Solaris 10 U10 Menu
The menu can still be browsed from within Nautilus.

Also note that partial file searches still revert to case-sensitivity thereby defeating the purpose.

Solaris 10 U10 Firefox 3
The default browser is now Firefox 3, although Mozilla is still included.

Solaris 10 U10 OpenOffice Fail
U10 no longer includes StarOffice, rather it adds a menu icon for Oracle's OpenOffice suite.

Attempting to open OpenOffice, however, brought me to this misaligned page telling me StarOffice was obsolete.
Why include a menu option for OpenOffice when it's not even installed? Not to mention this entire page is about StarOffice which is not what the menu option said.

Solaris 10 U10 Shutdown
Shutting down Solaris 10.

Solaris 10 8/11 changes around some of the things in 10/09 that I feel were fine (ex StarOffice not being replaced fully by OpenOffice yet still having a menu option), but didn't change things that I thought should have been changed (ex Partial file searches still default to case-sensitivity). Overall it is not worth upgrading to unless you want the security updates or ZFS junk.

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