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Sun Solaris 10 is the last release of Sun Microsystems' operating system package. Solaris is a server and workstation OS designed to run on Sun-produced hardware, and primarily enjoys success as a server OS for high-scale, often mission-critical, server software.

These screenshots are of the 10/09 or "U8" version, which added ZFS quotas on both the user and group levels, ZFS caching, and performance improvements.

Please see my Solaris 10 8/11 or U10 screenshots as well.

These screenshots are of the Java Desktop System.

Solaris 10 U8 JDS Desktop
This is the desktop.
The Java Desktop System really is nothing more than a heavily customized version of GNOME.

Solaris 10 U8 JDS File Management
It even uses Nautilus as the file manager!

Solaris 10 U8 JDS Menu
One feature right off the bat I like is the fact that you can browse the menu as a folder, and there is a link in the Computer folder for this.

Solaris 10 U8 JDS Preferences
There are a number of user-customizable features and preferences, as well as a multitude of backgrounds available by default. The backgrounds and screen resolution settings are accessible through the right-click menu, the rest are through the System Preferences.

Solaris 10 U8 JDS Search
Search works nice, however the partial-name search is case-sensitive, which totally defeats the purpose, as how likely is it that the user is going to remember the exact capitalization of the stupid thing if they don't even remember the full name?

And yes, the usual ambiguous filename capitalization crap does exist. I don't understand why no one gets it that the real world does not work this way.

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