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It would seem that a version of Xerox Rooms has surfaced for Windows 3.x. Previously there was only a SunOS version available and as such I couldn't really take a look at it.
Overall they are the same program.

Xerox Rooms Splash
The splash screen is something to be expected.

The documentation stresses that, in addition to being able to launch Rooms straight from the Program Manager, you can also start it up along with Windows. Rooms does not replace the Program Manager, and Windows 3.0 (which Rooms would have been designed for) did not have a startup folder.
You can specify what room to start in or what "suite" file to load along with the run command.

Xerox Rooms Overview
By default you start off in the Overview room, which gives you a look at each currently created room in the suite.
You can add or remove rooms from here. By default you are given a standard room and an "Overlay" room.
Each window that is open in a room can be seen from here, and can in turn be dragged to another room.

Xerox Rooms Rooms
A "room" is basically just a desktop where only windows that are opened in that desktop can be seen.
Each room can be configured to contain doors and application/document buttons right on the desktop.
Rooms can automatically start programs for you. Xerox also encourages opening many applications all at once -- which will run into Windows 3.x resource limits pretty quickly.

Xerox Rooms Door
When you click on a door, the door will animate, opening and displaying a waving character, and then it takes you to the linked room.
The door in the lower corner is a "back door", and it takes you to the room you were at last.

Moving the mouse to the edges of the screen will take you to the room that is in that direction.

Xerox Rooms Overlay Room
The "Overlay" room (not "Overview") is a special room that allows you to open programs and create other things, and these things will be displayed throughout all the other rooms. In this example I have opened up Paintbrush. Paintbrush is now open in every other room.
By default the Program Manager is in the Overlay room.

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