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While I was browsing the WinWorldPC libraries I came across this thing called "Maniasoft Windes xFeel", which is apparently supposed to be a real Windows shell.
Seriously, there aren't any words in the English language that can fully describe how unbelievably bunk this thing is. I hope it's a joke, cause it's even worse than the Command Shell thing, and that WAS a joke!

xFeel Setup
I suppose I probably should have seen it coming when this little gem showed up in the installer.
Usually if you decline to accept a license agreement the installer will automatically finish things up for you. Not with Windes.
I guess Maniasoft is making you exit the installer yourself as punishment for not accepting the license agreement? Either way it is the first time I have seen this in any product, professional or otherwise.

And speaking of installation, this would only work in VMWare. No Virtual PC (which really isn't that surprising; NOTHING works in VPC), not even VirtualBox. So the really weird resolution is a result of using VMWare.
And that says nothing of the fact that the installer only worked right on the sixth try.

xFeel Desktop
Once we get to the desktop, the real horror show begins.

Very clearly this was done using fixed images, which means that the resolution can't be any greater than 640*480 or it looks like crap. Come on, seriously?
There are no icons on the desktop, although I suppose they could be added. I never tried because I was in a rush to get this done and over with.

xFeel Menu
The menu looks pretty much like that of Windows 95 or 98, which pretty much defeats the purpose of an alternate shell.

xFeel File Management
So basically this whole thing is really crappy Windows XP knock-off graphics with Windows 95-like features running on Windows 9x. It's like a solution looking for a problem. And it isn't even a good solution at that!

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