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Like PubTech 2.11, PubTech 3.10 is designed to run under Windows, this time rather Windows 3.x.
Functionality wise there is really nothing all too different from 2.11, and as such you should see the review I did on PFO 2.11 for a description of all the features.
Color icons and sound effects were added.

PFO 3.10 Main
PFO 3.10 offers a new set of color icons. This, combined with the 3D controls provided by Windows 3.x, gives a much more aestetically pleasing appearance.

The drive icons no longer disappear when opened, but folders still disappear instead of graying out or otherwise indicating that they are opened.
PFO 3.10 also plays various tunes through the PC speaker while performing certain operations such as dragging and dropping.

PFO 3.10 Background
Since this is running on Windows 3.x, it is possible to set a background image or a pattern.

Interestingly however the icons were removed from the Applications menu.

PFO 3.10 Icon Manager
The icon manager has been enhanced to work with Bitmap files, though most of the other applications remain the same functionality wise.
That cheesy sliding tile puzzle game has been removed, however.

PFO 3.10 Control Panel
The control panel now includes a number of new options, such as turning off the sounds, changing the default size of open folder windows, and changing the icon spacing.

PFO 3.10 Help
PFO 3.10 now uses the Windows 3.x help system.

Exiting PFO 3.10
And finally, exiting PubTech.

PFO 3.1 is not much different than previous versions, although it does add some nice new features that bring it up to speed with the times (color support, sound, etc).

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