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Norton Desktop is yet another alternate shell for Windows 3.x that attempted to bring the Macintosh UI to Windows, which then used the ancient Program Manager/File Manager.

Norton Desktop
This is the Norton desktop.
Drive icons appear on the left and utilities on the right. Norton Desktop is heavily integrated with other Symantec apps.
The positions can be reversed so the drives are on the right like a Macintosh.

There is both a menu and a list of buttons to quickly perform functions within the Desktop.

Norton Desktop File Management
The Desktop imports all Progman groups into one "Quick-access" group on installation, which oddly requires that you go to the Window menu to access thus ruining the purpose basically.
Double-clicking on the drive icons opens up Norton’s file manager, which is basically almost the same as the standard File Manager, except it is arranged differently and is much more easy to use.

Note that I have also changed the desktop background to show you that the Desktop is not a true "window".

Norton Desktop Groups/Shortcuts
You are allowed to place "shortcuts" to various programs on the desktop. Files are not allowed.

You can browse various program groups in either the default Icon view, List view, or Button view which displays each individual item as a button with the program icon on it.

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