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Unable to find page page reference at PAGE$ref=ns21 --parent:winshell. Dropping to fallback mode.

Microsoft BOB

PubTech File Organizer 2.11

PubTech File Organizer 3.10

Central Point Desktop

Xerox Rooms for Windows

HP NewWave

Calmira II (3.3)

Calmira XP (4.0)

Norton Desktop

Command Shell for Windows

NewShell 2

Windes xFeel

Microsoft OS/2 Presentation Manager for Windows NT 3.51

IBM OS/2 Workplace Shell for Windows

Command output: GUI Central Review Page Inclusion version 2.0
An extension of the GUI Central Page Inclusion program.

[GOOD]Opening up PAGE$parent...done, parent winshell found.
[GOOD]Verifying integrity...done, checksum valid.

[GOOD]Obtaining reference PAGE$ref...done, reference to file ns21 opened.
[ERROR]Opening referenced file...failed. Cannot find file.
[WARN]Verifying integrity...file handle invalid, cannot check integrity.

FAILED TO INCLUDE PAGE: Unable to open up file referenced by PAGE$ref. Please contact the webmaster using the following email address:,
and send the webmaster the following string:

[GOOD]Terminating program...finished. Passing output on to interpreter.

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