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Calmira XP basically is the same as Calmira II, except with XP-style graphics. Everything else is the same as my previous review, which you should look at.

These screenshots were taken with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 using the generic VGA driver. Even with 256 color mode it doesn’t look better than this, and I was not willing to hack something together to make it look better, so I apologize in advance for the bad graphics.

Calmira 4.0 Jacked-up
Speaking of graphics, it seems to have jacked up the color scheme. Odd...

Calmira 4.0 Desktop
Now that’s more like it.

As you can see, the My Computer and Recycle Bin (or oddly called Trash Bin here) have recieved new high-color XP-style icons, however all the others appear unchanged. The taskbar also takes the form of the Windows XP taskbar.

Calmira 4.0 Start Menu
Again, I apologize for the deplorable graphics; this is the best I can do.
The start menu is not that much different. It still is configured through the properties.

And yes, accessories is misspelled as "Accessoires".

Calmira 4.0 Explorer
Most of the other icons have changed as well.

Exiting Calmira 4.0
Shutting down Calmira XP, which is awkwardly implemented. And look at that cursor! It looks like something out of Windows 2.x (in fact I think it IS out of Win2.x)!

Do not use. Ever. The colors are weird and back in the day most people would have only had 256 colors anyways, so this kinda sucks. Calmira II is so much better.

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