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Calmira is an interesting desktop shell.
Unlike most others it was made after Windows 95 came out, and unlike today when everyone switches over as soon as a new OS comes out (the exception being Windows 7>Windows 8) a great number of people were actually still using Windows 3.1, and this desktop shell attempted to bring the Windows 95 desktop to the users, and did a remarkable job of it.

There is also a version that brought XP-style graphics.

Calmira 3.3 Desktop
The desktop is not designed to start automatically, but can be configured to do so.
As you can see, it is pretty Windows 95-like.

Calmira 3.3 Start Menu
The start menu is pretty similar, however instead of having a modular folder, it has a properties panel that controls everything in the menu.
And yes, that is a typo in "accessories".

Calmira 3.3 Explorer
Windows can be viewed in the Calmira Explorer or in the Windows 3.1 File Manager if you wish. The Explorer can view files in large and small icon views or details view.

Calmira 3.3 Explore
The Explorer can also explore folders, displaying a directory tree in the sidebar.

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