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Windows Server 2012 is basically the server version of Windows 8. And if Windows 8 was any indication Server 2012 is going to SUCK.
There were some nice features added, such as the new task manager and ReFS, but overall the downsides are crippling.

Windows Server 2012 Splash
The splash screen is the same as the one in Windows 8.

Windows Server 2012 Login
Apparently now even servers are getting the cellphone treatment. At least with this, however, there is some indication as to what in the world to do.

Windows Server 2012 Desktop
Windows Server 2012 starts up directly to the desktop.

No start menu? Of course not. Windows Server now uses the useless "Modern" UI which ironically relies on the principles that have been around since the advent of MS-DOS back in 1981. Yuck.
Sadly they fail to realize that not only is the Modern UI practically useless with a mouse, but most people won't even be locally controlling it, essentially using a VM to access the server. Windows 8's Charms menus and all that hoo hah worked abysmally in a VM.

Ugh at least there are no full-screen apps by default.

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager
By default it starts up the "Server Manager", which allows you to configure roles and whatnot with your server(s). It will not go away until you set it up.

Windows Server 2012 Fail
Your unresponsiveness is showing, Server 2012...

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