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Windows NT 4 is basically nothing more than NT 3.51 with the new Explorer shell.

NT 4 Login
The login screen hasn't changed.

NT 4 Desktop
And the Windows 95 er NT 4 desktop. It pretty much looks like Windows 95.

NT 4 Start menu
The start menu is also the same, apart from having more user-aware components.

NT 4 Control Panel
The control panel has also not changed from NT 3.51.

NT 4 Printers
In NT 4 it is possible to connect to a networked printer.

NT 4 Diagnostics
NT 4 also has this diagnostic program that Windows 95 does not have.

NT 4 Shutdown
Shutting down NT 4.

Windows NT 4 is basically just NT 3.51 and Windows 95 put together. Nothing else.

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