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Despite what the version number says, this is the first version of Windows NT. The "3.1" number came about because it was basically a clone of their existing Windows 3.1 software, and because it "one-upped" IBM’s OS/2 2.1 that was shipping at release time.

Unlike Windows 3.1, NT 3.1 was completely 32-bit, from the ground up. Initially, the core of NT was supposed to be the core for OS/2 2.x, but then IBM did their own rewrite of OS/2 without Microsoft, and so MS took what they had done and turned it into a clone of their existing Windows OS.

NT 3.1 Program Manager
The Windows NT Program Manager.

Aside from being user-aware, it is just the same as the Windows 3.1 program manager. It contains a number of program groups, each of which contain numerous program items, which, when double-clicked, will open the program specified by the properties of the program item.
Most of the applications bundled with NT are 32-bit rewrites, however a few are still 16-bit and run under the Windows 3.1 emulation subsystem.

NT 3.1 Control Panel
The control panel, which contains options for controlling services and device drivers, since NT 3.1 is an operating system and not some DOS shell like 3.1 is.

About NT 3.1
The NT about dialog.

NT 3.1 File Manager
The file manager is really the same as the one in Windows 3.1, except it includes things like the security menu for controlling file permissions.

NT 3.1 Shutdown
Shutting down NT 3.1.

Windows NT 3.1 is still inferior to OS/2 of the time, but it is better than ordinary 3.1 as it is 32-bit entirely and is thus it is much easier to do things in, plus it has all the 16-bit compatibility you would need.

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