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Windows ME (or Windows 4.9) is the final version of Windows 9x, and it is basically no different from 98.

Windows ME Desktop
The desktop hasn't changed much. Just a new background color, some new high-color icons, and Network Neighborhood was renamed to My Network Places.
There are also icons placed all over for Microsoft's Media Player application. This has existed since 3.1, but that didn't stop users from installing their own different (and better) media players. I guess MS wants to put a stop to that.

Windows ME Channel Bar
By default the ugly channel bar thing is gone. However Windows has to support this mistake for backwards compatibility, and it is really simple to launch it, although by default there is no content on it.

Directions for enabling the Channel Bar:
  • Press Win+R, or go to the Run command on the start menu.
  • Type out iexplore -channelband

Windows ME Start Menu
Speaking of the start menu, it hasn't changed much either.

There are a number of new games in ME, most of which are internet enabled.

Windows ME Explorer
The picture in the sidebar of Explorer windows has changed slightly, and it now provides hyperlinks to common places.

Windows ME Restrictions
By default ME is quite a bit more restrictive than 98 was. In 98, the critical system folders would be hidden, but now in ME if you try to browse the hard drive from My Computer it will basically flip you off. The control panel also hides all the advanced options.
Not sure why any of this should be applicable to the system administrator, but whatever.

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