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Build 5840 of Longhorn is the last build of Longhorn/Vista prior to release. Most of it looks identical to Vista.

Longhorn 5840 Setup
The setup process works identically to Vista.

Longhorn 5840 Splash
The splash screen is identical to the one in Vista as well, as it gets rid of the copyright year.

Longhorn 5840 Desktop
Note that the watermark has been removed from the desktop at this point.

Longhorn 5840 Explorer
The Explorer has now taken on the final appearance, just like in Vista.

Longhorn 5840 Start menu
The start menu is much more populated than in prior versions as well.

Longhorn 5840 Shutdown
Shutting down Longhorn.

The final build of Longhorn looks very much different from the first one. It's amazing what four years can do.

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