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I don't even know what kind of hack this is supposed to be, but I just had to share it with you.

So apparently there is this thing called "Windows 99", made in yup 1999 by "Microsoft".
However it is quite obvious that this is just someone's jacked-up version of Windows 98SE. It is a much-debated topic, and amazingly nearly three years after I had stumbled upon the VM and put it on my system, it was still there. That almost never happens.

Windows 99 Splash
The Windows 99 splash screen. It has the cloud arrangement of the 98 splash, but the loading bar of the 95 splash.
It still looks pretty legitimate right now though.

Windows 99 Login
The login screen gives it away though. They forgot to change that "Windows 98" thing.

Windows 99 Desktop
The default desktop looks pretty smooth.

The VM packager bundled a load of useless crap along with it, however at least they installed VMAdditions so it looks nice.
Oh, and the kicker? NONE of the useless crap has an uninstaller!

Windows 99 Engrish Message
Clearly this is not made by would hope not anyway...

Windows 99 To the recycle bin with you
Goodbye Engrish...

As you can see, dialog boxes were about the only other thing changed. They now have some fancy colors to them.

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