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Windows 8 Application Menu
Right-clicking in the lower left provides this list of desktop applications. Surprisingly the command prompt is still listed.

The upper left allows you to access a list of used applications and switch easily between them.

Windows 8 Tile prefs
Right-clicking on a tile brings up some configuration settings for that specific tile. You can change the size (although you only have two options), you can turn off the live scrolly thing (which gets irritating after a while), you can uninstall, and you can remove it from start (note that they don't call it "removing", rather they call it "unpinning").

Right-clicking a tile also gives you access to the "all apps" page.

Windows 8 All Apps
And here is the all apps page.
What a hunk of useless junk.

Ignoring the fact that they display a redundant list of Metro apps at the front, we're talking about a Windows PC here. A PC can have hundreds of applications installed, all of which can have sub-applications. Very quickly this "simple" all apps page can turn into a mile-long mess.

Windows 8 Search
Search blows. All searches are split into three categories: Applications, Settings and Files. But the search defaults to showing applications first, and there isn't a "show all" option. Thus a user searching for a file called bluh would be left scratching their head when nothing shows up.

At least there isn't any dumb case sensitivity, but watch Microsoft implement that later on.

Windows 8 Store
Microsoft has now finally caught up with Apple and created their own app store, called the "Microsoft store". How original, it's not like "Apple store" was already a thing...

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