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Windows 8 Removable Device
Tap to choose?

TAP to choose?


I have a mouse. Not a touch screen. And unless you are willing to give me one for free I won't ever have one.

Windows 8 Live App
So anyways, how about we take a look at some of these "apps"?
Think I should be able to set up the Mail app to use my GMail account?

Well I do, except that isn't possible without first having a Microsoft Live account.

Windows 8 App Fail
Never mind the fact that I don't have an internet connection, if I don't have a Live account I can't use it anyways!

Let's see how many desktop UI design recommendations this blatantly violates:

  • It is an obvious advertisement for Microsoft Live.
  • It requires an internet connection (although for a Mail app I will let that slide)
  • It's a full-screen application.
  • There are no windows.
  • There are no visible application controls.
  • There are no visible controls period, save for the "try again" link.

Alt+F4 still works, but that involves memorizing keyboard shortcuts. Granted it's pretty much necessary since the only real way to do anything in a Windows 8 Metro app without blindly clicking and dragging is to use the keyboard shortcuts, like the applications I used to run way back when on MS-DOS using an XT. How pathetic.

Speaking of Metro, for accuracy's sake it is worth mentioning that Microsoft changed the name to the "Modern UI" just before release. Although anyone who thinks this is "modern" is either 12 years old or younger, or really needs to get their head examined.

Windows 8 Local app
Some applications display pretty sample data snippets in the event that you don't have an internet connection. But why does an OS require an internet connection to function in the first place?

Windows 8 Buttons!
Oh look, some buttons! Except these are just buttons linking to the various pages of the application. Not actual useful buttons portraying critical functionality (such as GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE aka CLOSE).

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