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Windows 3.2 is basically just a Chinese translation of Windows 3.1, and apart from some new font stuff it is just the same. As such I have no idea why or how this even got it's own version number, usually it does not work this way.

Win 3.2 About
The Windows 3.2 About dialog.

Changing the language of the program usually does not require any touching of the source code or re-compiling the code, as every text string in the program is stored as a "resource" and can be changed with a "resource editor". Mac OS apps work the same way.

Early versions of Windows were limited to 8-bit ASCII character codes with just enough international characters to allow for use of languages with similar alphabets, like Spanish and French, however not Chinese or Cyrillic or Arabic or any of that, which makes versions like this difficult to do.
These days Windows uses Unicode format, which is much more extensible and easier to work with.

Win 3.2 Utilities
Windows 3.2 bundles much of the same utilities as regular Win3.1, with the exception of a few new font utilities.
With a few exceptions all text in all documents and programs has been changed to Chinese Simplified.

Win 3.2 Control Panel
In much the same fashion all the control panel apps are the same save a few icon differences.
And oh yes, it has Minesweeper too.

Win 3.2 Help
All the help files have been translated as well.
One interesting note is the presence of the English keyboard commands in the menus.

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