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Windows 3.1 Setup
After initial setup you must use this Setup program to change various hardware aspects of Windows 3.1 such as display resolution and color depth.

Windows 3.1 Control Panel
Like Windows 3.0 the Windows 3.1 control panel uses large icons in addition to all the other parts of Windows. The Windows 3.1 control panel now also allows you to simply drop .CPL executables into the system folder, where previously the control panel items were hard-coded in.

You can do many things in the control panel, such as add device drivers, change sound settings, and even change your system color scheme, potentially to something absolutely freaking insane.

Windows 3.1 Freaking Insane color scheme
It's amazing that Microsoft thought anyone was going to use Windows like this!

Windows 3.1 Printers
Adding printers in Windows 3.1 is done in the control panel, while managing print jobs is done using the Print Manager.

Windows 3.1 MIDI
In Windows 3.1 it is possible to play back not only wavetable sounds, but also MIDIs. That is, if your sound card is set up to do so properly, otherwise it gives you an error such as the one above.

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