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Windows 3.1 File Manager
For managing your files Windows 3.1 uses the aptly named File Manager. Like the Program Manager it is an MDI application, and it presents folders to you with a directory tree on the left, and a list of files in small icon form. There is a drive list at the top. The tree can be toggled on or off, and the files can be viewed with details in addition to just the name. Files can be dragged and dropped anywhere you would like, but all the other actions are done using the menus.

Windows 3.1 Search
The search feature of the File Manager is very useful. It defaults to a partial file search, although it is only possible to search by file name. Results are displayed in a separate child window.

Windows 3.1 Minimized
As always, minimized programs appear on the desktop. You can move them around as well.

Windows 3.1 Applications
A few of the bundled accessories.

Windows 3.1 Games
Windows 3.1 now includes everyone's favorite game, Solitaire! Reportedly a few versions still included Reversi, but this one does not.

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