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Windows 3.0 w/MME Splash
Before the release of Windows 3.1, Microsoft released this thing, which the splash calls the "Windows graphical environment with Multimedia Extensions 1.0". It is just a repackaged version of 3.0 with some multimedia add-ons.
It appears that Windows 3.0 with Multimedia Extensions was only released to OEMS.

Windows 3.0 w/MME Desktop
As you can see, the desktop looks identical.

Windows 3.0 w/MME Games
It has the same selection of games as well. No Minesweeper yet!

Windows 3.0 w/MME Accessories
There are a few new accessories however:

  • An alarm clock
  • A music player called Music Box
  • A media player that is capable of playing waveform audio and .MMM animations.
  • A sound recorder

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