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Windows 2.x is only slightly different than Windows 1.x, but most of the improvements are very stunning and are much needed as well.
It still only runs in real (8086) mode, but Windows 2.1 introduced 286 and 386 protected modes.

Windows 2.03 Splash
The Windows 2.0 splash screen is slightly different from the Windows 1.0 screen.

Windows 2.03 MS-DOS Executive
The MS-DOS Executive is still pretty much the same as the one in Windows 1.x, but we can now see a change in the windowing controls.

Windows 2.03 Overlap
Holy crap, overlapping windows!

Yes, Windows 2.x finally introduces overlapping windows. Windows can be moved around and infinitely resized. There is now a minimize and a maximize button, and the terms have been renamed (it used to be iconize and zoom, respectively).

Windows 2.03 Icons Everywhere!
One problem I have is that the icons can now be moved all over the place, instead of being confined to a bar in the lower portion of the display. This means that program windows can now cover up the application icons, and you can potentially lose your icons and wonder where your program went. Oh, and it allows people to create a mess of their desktop like you can see here.

Windows 2.03 Program
Running a program in maximized mode is just like before: everything gets covered.

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