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In yet another stupid departure from a regular naming scheme for "service packs" that actually makes some god damn sense, Microsoft has released the "Anniversary Edition Update" for Windows 10. Never mind the fact that 10 came out July 15th, not August 2nd.
How many names could this have? Let's see:

  • Windows 10 Service Pack 1
  • Windows 10.1
  • Windows 10 Update 1
  • Windows 10 "We don't even remember when we released it" Edition
  • Windows 10 "Same Old Crapola" Edition

Going by all the complaints about various bugs online, I can't think there are any real improvements here. Just more of the same indiscriminant removal of stuff that may or may not be important, and feature/bug creep.

Once again, this is a free "upgrade" to users running existing Windows 10 installations. Conveniently, it was released just after the "free upgrade" cycle for Windows 10 expired. So, get everyone to download Windows 10, and then two days later, get them to download this massive update that may well change everything all over again? Sounds like a plan to me.

Anyways, onwards to the screenshots.

Windows 10.1 Upgrade process #1
Not so fast tiger. Apparently, in order to actually upgrade to Windows 10.1 I need to download Microsoft's stupid "Upgrade Assistant" tool, since it only becomes available in Windows Update when it feels like it. Sounds like a scam to me.
In typical lovely Microsoft fashion, this massive piece of shit leaves behind a bunch of crud after it's done. How quaint. But I guess if it gets those drooling Microsoft shills to cream their pants sooner, then whatever I suppose.

Windows 10.1 Upgrade process #2
What the hell is this? Ignoring the fact that the information presented is so dumbed-down so as to be completely useless to any real user, it can't even figure out what screen resolution it wants to run in! Do they have ANY idea what kind of impression that leaves on a new user? No, probably not.

Windows 10.1 Upgrade process #3
Another lovely feature of the "upgrade" is that it mercilessly trashes settings. At least it is courteous enough to at least provide a way to reset a few of them. Not all of them, but this is a start at least.

Windows 10.1 Upgrade process #4
What can Microsoft possibly do to help protect me in an online world when it's been proving they're stealing data from me at the same time!?!

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