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Windows 1.01 Calendar
Here we have the Calendar program open. A fairly basic personal organizer.

Windows 1.01 Clipboard
Here we have both the calculator and the system clipboard open. It is possible to copy all sorts of information and easily share it between different programs. Modern versions of Windows do this completely in the background.

Windows 1.01 Minimized
When you minimize a program, an icon for it gets placed in the Icon Area. This is far better than the icons all over the place in Windows 2.x and 3.x which had icons all over the place. Windows 95 brought this idea back with the Taskbar.

Windows 1.01 Clock
Windows 1.x also includes a very basic clock program.

Windows 1.01 Reversi
What would an OS be without games? Unfortunately Windows 1.0 only includes this one, Reversi.

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