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Windows 1.01 Run
In addition to being able to click and run a program, you can also type out a command and run a program through the MS-DOS Executive.

Windows 1.01 Busy
One of the very common criticisms about Windows 1.0 was the fact that it was slow. In fact, one comparison made by The New York Times was that Windows 1.0 felt like "pouring molasses in the Arctic". That was on a system with 512 KB of RAM. This particular VM has 4 MB, the lowest possible setting in Virtual PC, and here it is, still lagging out and opening programs slowly.
Using Windows 1.0 on an XT with 640k RAM in my younger days wasn't a very pleasing experience compared to the Macintoshes I would have been using in school. In fact it was terrible.

It's not hard to imagine what people back in 1985 thought.

Windows 1.01 Notepad
Here we have Notepad open with one of the sample documents. Notepad is a very basic text editor with a small text buffer (under 16k!), still included with Windows to this day.

Windows 1.01 Zoom
Here we now have Notepad running in "zoomed" mode. As you can see it takes up the entire screen, including the bit usually reserved for program icons.

Windows 1.01 Write
Here we have Windows Write, which allows for some text customization but is still only marginally better than Notepad.

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