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ReactOS is a recent open-source clone of Windows NT, that after many years is still in beta, and as “0.3.11” must tell you, it is nowhere near complete yet.
But of course, as you must imagine, this is a massive undertaking. And considering how much Microsoft loves to add and change things in Windows, it will always be exciting to see what comes next in ReactOS.

These were taken years ago. You can download the latest version, which is 0.3.14, here, just don’t trust it to be your everyday OS :)

ReactOS 0.3.11 Splash
The ReactOS boot splash. Obviously someone at the ReactOS Foundation knows how to have fun.

ReactOS 0.3.11 First Boot
Before I begin, this is the first boot setup wizard. So far it’s looking like a pretty clean copy of Windows. It’s almost a replica of the InstallShield wizard!
Right off the bat I found some really hindering speed issues, but those were probably a cause of the emulator I was running it in.

ReactOS 0.3.11 Desktop
This is the desktop. Really, nothing has changed since 0.3.10, but there have been a number of improvements: the kdcom was rewritten, Chinese and Korean fonts were introduced, sound was added, and there were a number of driver compatibility updates. Printing still doesn’t work, and neither does any kind of integrated print/file sharing (IE typing \\myserv\shares\folder\file into an open box and have it open the file).

ReactOS 0.3.11 Start Menu
The start menu hasn’t changed, but this screenshot shows you how like it is to the Windows start menu, at least in terms of Classic OSes.

ReactOS 0.3.11 Explorer
The Explorer is kind of funky, but at least it somewhat works. It looks more like the Windows 98 Explorer does.

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