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IBM's OS/2 2.0, released in 1992, was the first version of OS/2 that was fully 32-bit. Microsoft was only beginning to release Windows 3.1, and Windows NT was still vaporware.
This was also the first version to be produced without Microsoft's involvement.

Among the many enhancements, OS/2 now included the Workplace Shell.

OS/2 2.0 Installation
Installing OS/2.

OS/2 2.0 Splash
The OS/2 2.0 splash screen.

OS/2 2.0 Desktop
This is the default desktop.

On first glance the desktop looks incredibly dull and boring. OS/2 was heavily criticized by the public for it's bland appearance.

What they failed to realize was that IBM subjected OS/2 to international acceptance testing, accessibility testing, and legal testing. So if it looks dull, that's good, because it's supposed to.

OS/2 2.0 File Management
Like Mac OS, the Workplace shell uses desktop icons and folders. Icons may be associated with folders (which can be viewed in icon, tree and details view, as shown). Icons can also be associated with programs, files or other miscellaneous objects.
The Workplace Shell uses an "object-oriented" design, which sounds incredibly high-tech. Icons in the Workplace Shell are all referred to as objects. There can be data-file objects, program objects, folder objects that contain other objects, and device objects.

Unlike the Mac OS, however, the Workplace Shell makes heavy use of both mouse buttons (labeled 1 and 2 by OS/2), and the use of popup menus to perform many functions.

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