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The last version of OS/2 sold by IBM was Warp 4.52. However, OS/2 is still being actively developed and sold by Serenity Systems International under the "eComStation" name.

This is an older version of eCS, but if you want to download a demo CD of your own you can do so by clicking here. Or, you can alternatively purchase a copy by clicking here.

eComStation Splash
The eComStation splash screen.

eComStation Desktop
The default eCS desktop. It automatically starts a Macromedia Flash demo, as well as the help program.

Most of this would be familiar to an OS/2 user, except things have been shaken up a little bit. The WarpBar is now located at the bottom of the screen, and has been simplified quite a bit. The performance monitor and menu remain mostly unchanged, as do most of the other buttons. The Shredder has been renamed to the Trash Can, and is now a folder that can contain items before deletion.

eComStation Multiple desktops
Virtual desktops, or workspaces, have now been brought to OS/2 with a fashion. It isn't like the Exposé feature in Mac OS X, but it does at least let you know what program windows are open on what workspace.

eComStation File Management
OS/2 Warp 4 had Icon, Tree and Details views. eComStation introduces Split view, which is basically tree view of folders and a small icon view of files within that folder.

eComStation TCP/IP
Setting up a network connection is fairly easy. Too bad that since this is a live CD those settings will disappear after reboot.

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