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Mac OS has gone through a number of changes since version 1.0.

Note that these screenshots were taken from an actual Macintosh computer that was used in an educational setting, which explains the application choice.

Mac OS 7.5.5 Desktop
This is the MacOS desktop. Nothing radically different than that of pervious versions.
The drive icons, trash can, and other files and folders are displayed on the right. There is a single bar at the top containing all the usable menus of the program, as well as the application switcher in the upper right hand corner, which implements a crude form of multitasking.

Mac OS 7.5.5 Alias
One new feature is the ability to create aliases to an item. Aliases are similar to Windows shortcuts, but much cleaner and nicer to work with.

Mac OS 7.5.5 Balloon Help
Ever wonder what the Special menu is? Balloon help can solve that problem!
Balloon help let’s you know what each icon and menu option is by displaying a balloon with information every time you mouse over it.

Mac OS 7.5.5 Control Panel
This is the control panel. Unlike the program-generated control panel found in Windows 95, it is a real folder with control panel programs.

Mac OS 7.5.5 Launcher
If you want to easily access applications without having to go through multiple folders, the Launcher can be loaded (and will automatically start unless you close it) and customized to your liking.

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