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So I had recently recieved two iMac G3 systems for free, one of which had 10.4 Tiger on it. Figure I might as well take a look at it.

10.4 Desktop
This is the desktop. As you can see there are already icons and documents here as this was a machine that was used, and so everything is not as it was if this were a new install.
The Mac OS X and Finder about dialogs are also shown here.
Noticeable off the bat is the continued diminishing of the pinstripe background that was introduced in the first release of Mac OS X. The menu bar is now a solid glass-like gradient.
The Spotlight search now is located in the menu bar, and it is possible to set applications to open at login, straight from the dock.
They also slightly addressed the delete from dock problem -- 10.4 now changes the cursor to one with a cloud so as to indicate what you’re doing when you’re dragging that icon from the dock.

10.4 Dashboard
This new fancy feature in OS X is called the “dashboard”. The dashboard contains “widgets” which do certain things and display over top of whatever is running when the dashboard icon in the dock is pressed.
Note that some of them require streaming of information from internet services to work.

10.4 Spotlight
Spotlight is the useful new way to search your Mac’s hard drive. It arranges your files in groups and it can display thumbnails for certain file types.
Spotlight also works in open and save dialogs.

10.4 Print Menu
The print menu has been rearranged to include a popup button for PDF functions. Personally I have nothing against it, but it could be arranged much better. Reportedly others do not like this because popup menus from buttons is “not the way Mac OS X works”.

10.4 VoiceOver
VoiceOver is a new feature that allows OS X to speak the text of selected items and actions that occur.

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