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The Sugar UI is basically a Linux distro that was developed for laptops under the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. It is, however, completely different in the fact that it does not work on a document/folder basis.

SOAS Set-up
Upon starting up, you are allowed to select whatever color you want for your little "avatar" thing. I assume you aren't allowed to pick the same color as someone within your local network.


After finishing up with all the startup hoo-hah, you are greeted with a circle of applications and things you can do.
Like I just finished saying, circling your little avatar thing (which you really can't call an avatar but still, it's easier cut me slack) are all the bundled applications (and yes, there are alot of them). Underneath your avatar is a book icon which takes you to your journal. The journal will be looked at later.

At the top, there is a search bar, as well as a toggle to go from this circle appearance, to a list of all the applications.

Personally, I like the simplistic appearance. It makes learning how to use a computer easy. Contrast to this, Sugar is a masterpiece.

SOAS Search for Apps
Searching using the search bar automatically narrows down your application options to the ones which match your current input. It only searches the beginning of the application name.

SOAS Paint
Let's start using an application, shall we?
Paint is a simplistic drawing program. No added fluff and no ribbonized garbage UI, it's simple and is easy to use.

The icon of the program appears in the top left, and it is colored to match your color. Notice that it has changed from what it was before; I had accidentally "locked" myself into one application and *had* to restart. Oops.

SOAS Activity Log
Sugar has the ability to add notes to your journal in-program, as a sort of log thing. It is highly-encouraged and is useful to both the teacher/parent and to the child as well, as it allows them to see how they have improved/what they are doing.

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