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Desqview is basically yet another DOS window manager. It is, however, multitasking-capable. It is entirely text-based, with no real graphics support unless the program you are running has it.

Desqview 2.8 Splash
This is the boot screen. Desqview can be started anywhere from inside the DOS prompt by typing "dv", if you have installed it.
Note that the installer does require a specific copy-protection code. You may or may not have luck finding one, this is installed from a legal copy however.

Desqview was supported by Quarterdeck, and eventually became Desqview/X.

Desqview 2.8 Main
This is the main screen, before you open anything.
Desqview can operate with certain serial mice, at least the help file hints at it.
You can open up to 9 program windows before you "need" a mouse.

Desqview 2.8 Open
Clicking on "Open Window" displays this menu. It allows you to open an already-entered program into a window, add a new program to the list, delete a program from the list, or change a program from the list, which is useful if you change the directory of the program.

A number of the DOS utilities show up here, as well as a services and memory usage option in addition to two sample documents.
Window sizes are determined based on the application. Big DOS opens it full screen, while DOS (128k) opens it in a smaller screen. QBasic opens fullscreen.

Desqview 2.8 Multiple Windows
Two different smaller windows are shown here. You could probably fit more on by resizing them. More on that later.
Note that the side menu disappears.

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