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The mobile device craze continues...

For whatever reason, someone decided it would be worth while to port the Android operating system over to the PC.
Not sure why anyone would want it however.

Android x86 Lock screen
The lock screen is just like that you would find on Android. And unlike Windows 8, it actually gives an indication as to what you are supposed to do.
Curiously it implies that it is intended for use with a device that can take advantage of 3G or 4G networks with the "No service" thing. Perhaps it means something, perhaps it's just a gimmick. I didn't look into it.

Android x86 Main screen
The home screen is unsurprisingly very blank. Just like Android is by default.

All your stuff is inside the thing called the "Launcher", which the little help thing points out.

Android x86 Dashboard
Once you click on the Launcher button, you are brought to a sort of dashboard containing all your applications.
By default it comes bundled with some productivity apps and games and a few other things.

Android x86 File Management
The File Manager works like the Media browser, or whatever it's called, on any typical Android device.

Android x86 Info
The info options are also similar if not completely the same.

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