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Thought I might as well take a visit into mobile operating systems, what with this whole iPad and Windows 8 craze.

I have to assume that this version of Android 2.3 "Gingerbread" is actually customized by Sony for the Ericsson Xperia Mini phone.

Android 2.3 Lock Screen
A lock screen that you would probably expect to see in almost any mobile OS (save most iterations of Android which use that funky passcode thing). You have a list of things in the top bar, your carrier is listed, as well as the time and date.

It is possible to mute the phone without having to go into settings, and that's what that volume slider is for.

Android 2.3 Home
This is the home screen.
Clearly this is not what an ordinary version of Android would look like.

We have the top bar, which contains some status icons for various things. We have four corner buttons, a list of screens (five of them), a Google search bar thingy, a clock, and an icon which takes us to the menu.
The upper left button takes you to your messages. The upper right contains a list of carrier-proprietary programs. The lower left contains your address book, and the lower right opens up the phone dialer.

Android 2.3 Miltiple Screens
Each of the screens contains a different set of "widgets". This screen contains a photo album and some other thing I'm not sure the purpose of.

Android 2.3 Contacts/Phone
The phone and contacts function are actually one big thing.
You are given a giant keypad and you are supposed to type in the phone number. If it recognizes it, it should have a list of possibilities.
If your phone has it, you can use the physical keyboard.

Android 2.3 Dock
Pressing the phone's home button, or pushing that icon will open up the dock.

The dock can be arranged however the heck you would like, and it works much the same way iOS home screens work, except for folders as this doesn't support it.
There are five default screens to work with. As you add more things, more screens are added.

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