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Make sure you check out my initial Zorin OS review.

Zorin OS 7 Install
So now Zorin has decided to be like Apple and play some sort of introduction video during the install process. And like Apple all this intro has is some music playing in the background with "Welcome" flying about in different languages. The song they play is awful, and it actually frightened me when it first started playing because I was not expecting it.

Zorin OS 7 Desktop
The desktop has gotten a minor facelife. Everything now has a flat appearance to it, and the menu as well as the icon area are sort of highlighted on the taskbar. Other than that it functions exactly the same.

They also pop up notifications about backups all the time. Useful for someone who would use this all the time, but not so much for someone like me who is only going to have it installed for a few minutes anyways.

Zorin OS 7 Button
The appearance has changed slightly, but mousing over the pinned applications still highlights them like Windows does.

Zorin OS 7 Menu #1
The "start" menu hasn't changed at all, apart from a slight appearance change.

Zorin OS 7 Menu #2
There is an unnecessarily redundant second menu in the lower right corner, which contains the options an Ubuntu user would expect to see.

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