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Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro that attempts to be as much of a clone of Windows as is possible. I'd still say, if you really want a free Windows clone wait until ReactOS is fully developed, but Zorin is as close as Linux is going to get as of now.

Zorin 5 Desktop
This is the desktop.
As of this writing, Zorin OS is a near mirror of Windows 7. Thankfully no bastardized Windows 8 Metro crap.

Of course the Aero interface is non-existant because that would be a lawsuit magnet, but the taskbar is pretty much the same. You can pin apps to it (although it isn't nearly as streamlined as it is in Windows; you have to do it as if it were a standard quick-launch item), the taskbar or "panel" has a glow to it, and the desktop icons are all shiny and the size of school buses, just like Windows.

Zorin 5 Hover
When you hover over an icon pinned to the panel, it highlights itself, much like it would in Windows 7.

Zorin 5 Menu
The start menu looks pretty much identical, although the way application browsing works is implemented differently.

Zorin 5 File Management
Zorin uses Nautilus Elementary to do the file browsing.

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