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Zenix appears to be a religious Linux distribution based on Debian. Ordinarily, I'd avoid something like this because I have no interest in any of it, but the UI that is in use is different in an interesting way.

Zenix Desktop
The default Zenix desktop. I do like the background, and it appears as though there is an element of transparency to the various task bars. Zenix uses XFCE with a GNOME 2 like layout, which is a welcome sight in this now-GNOME 3-infested world.

Zenix Menu
Like Xubuntu, Zenix has a single menu containing all of the various applications and system control panels.

Zenix File menu
The file manager "button" brings up a menu of locations, as opposed to bringing up a file manager window like most other Linux distributions.

Zenix File manager
For file management purposes Zenix uses the default Thunar file manager that is present in XFCE.

Zenix Firefox
Zenix also includes an unmodified copy of Firefox. It appears as though all references to the Zenix distribution are missing.

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