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Ylmf OS is a Chinese Ubuntu-based distribution, originally not in English but now available as such.
While ordinarily an Ubuntu-like distribution wouldn't be something special, especially since most of them use standard GNOME, the UI of Ymlf OS is an almost perfect clone of Windows XP. What is surprising is that Microsoft has not and doesn't look like it will take any legal action for this.

Don't ask me what "Ylmf" stands for, or even how to say it for that matter. I don't know.

Most of the websites about it are Chinese, and the Chinese-roots are very obvious throughout the OS, however the person who translated it seems to have done a relatively decent job.

Note that this is an old version. Ylmf OS is now known as "StartOS" and newer screenshots can be found here.

Ylmf OS Desktop
Wow, that's convincing. At a quick glance you wouldn't be able to tell this is Linux if it didn't have "Ylmf OS" plastered all over the desktop. Apart from the desktop icons, the icon in the Start button, and the presence of a virtual workspace switcher, this is basically a point-by-point Luna clone.

Ylmf OS Menu
Disappointingly the menu is just a bog-standard Linux menu.

Ylmf OS File Management
The file manager has remained mostly undoctored, but take a look at those title bars! It's almost perfect.

Ylmf OS Firefox
Firefox running under Ylmf OS.

Ylmf OS Control Panel-Ailerus
For a control panel, Ymlf OS seems to use this thing called Ailerus.

Ylmf OS Shutdown
Shutting down Ylmf OS.

If you are one of those people who just has to have the Windows XP user interface, then I would recommend getting this. Otherwise, there isn't any technical improvement to installing this over any other common distro like Linux Mint or [K]Ubuntu.

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