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xPUD is an Ubuntu-based web/cloud-style operating system that attempts to bring simplicity and the cloud right to your desktop. It is currently in beta.
I am personally not a fan of cloud-based operating systems; in fact I don't care for them at all, there is so much that can go wrong. But let's take a look at this, shall we?

xPUD Main Screen
This is the main screen.

Simple is right; there isn't a whole lot you can do from here apart from shut the system off and configure the network.
I would make the argument that it is too simple. A user should not have to click through multiple pages in order to find the stuff they want, yet I found no way of possible adding any shortcuts or links to anything to this page. I would have liked to see perhaps a way to add a link to favorite apps, as you would be able to do in a normal desktop OS.

xPUD Menu
But no, instead, you have to switch to the "menu". Which mind you isn't a menu at all, it should have been called the "apps page" or whatever.
There isn't a whole heck of alot you can do from here, although what did you expect from a cloud-based OS?

That's another thing, where is it getting all the info from? Keep in mind also that I could find no suitable installer anywhere, so I don't get why anyone would be getting their panties tied over xPUD just yet.
I suppose the final version will be much more robust and modular than this, but right now, stuff is seriously lacking.

xPUD File Management
For file management, xPUD uses PCManFM.

By the way, wonderful singularity in the sidebar, guys. Gotta commend you on that. You can only change one setting? Have one file?

Oh, and did I mention all the ridiculous popups about random junk being unmounted from the system? Like, jeez, as an ordinary user I wouldn't really even care to know that target2:0:0 was just unmounted because to an ordinary user that is a bunch of unnecessarily technical mumbo jumbo.

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