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Vinux is basically a remastered version of Ubuntu 10 that has been specially modified to help those who are blind or visually impaired use a computer. Things like large text and objects, the Orca screen reader, and other various enhancements.

Vinux Desktop
This is the default desktop after install.
Clearly you can see there are enlarged icons, enlarged text, and other enlargements, which makes it easier for people who can’t necessarily see all that well to click on things or see.

For those that can’t see, Orca does an okay job at reading out what’s on the display. Orca really however is not great, probably as a result of the text-to-speech that was already present. Places that don’t have periods result in run-on sentences where it really wasn’t intended, and it sounds quite jumbled as well since Orca reads everything. Couple this with the fact that as soon as you switch something it begins reading off that, potentially cutting off mid-sentence and causing you to have to start again, and it’s not all that useful; there are a million better things.
There is only one panel, and only one menu, to make things simpler for users.

Vinux Nautilus Vinux PCManFM
Of course it includes Nautilus as the default file manager, however PCManFM is included as well, as shown here.

Vinux Menu
The three standard GNOME menus have been merged together in a way that at the very least makes sense.
Oh, and no Unity/GNOME3 shell garbage here either! That alone is a significant advantage.

Vinux Firefox
Like most Linux distros Vinux uses Firefox as the web browser.

Vinux Control Panel
Vinux includes a merged control panel for easy access to applets. Of course in typical Linux redundancy fashion all these applets are also spread out throughout the menu.

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