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Ubuntu 7.10, called Gutsy Gibbon, was announced on October 15, 2007, and released to the public three days later.
I would have tried 6.10, but unfortunately my CD seems to have gone bad, so I settled for this.

Click on the thumbnails to see the screenshot.

Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop
This is the default desktop when booting it from the live CD. For these screenshots I will not be installing Ubuntu, rather reviewing it straight from the live CD.

As you can see, in addition to the Examples folder that has some sample files in it, and the link to the installer, there are links to the two USB thumbdrives that I have plugged in.

Ubuntu 7.10 Right-click menu
The right-click desktop menu includes links to clean up files by name (or rather sort them), align files and keep them aligned, a paste command, options to create a folder, a launcher, which is a fancy term for a shortcut, and a document from a template that a program can put in there.

Ubuntu 7.10 Preferences
What a surprise. “Keeping it simple” also extends to the desktop backgrounds.
I’m probably going to take heat for ranting about this, but think about it, people want fancy graphics everywhere. Neither of these two backgrounds are fancy, and no others are included. Some people would turn it away right there, saying “It’s not fancy”.
Of course I am not one of those people, I just thought it should be mentioned.

Ubuntu 7.10 Gradient Background
You can however, set your background to a solid color, or even a gradient if you want, as shown here.

Ubuntu 7.10 Custom border colors
There are, however a number of themes and customizations available, including this one.

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